Spiritual Solitude

In the depths of my solitude, I am Still.
Searching for some inner peace, but Still.
Coming down from this “busy” world, often ill,
To relax my mind, meditate, and heal,
Under the smoke of sandalwood and roses,
Taking in these natural medicines and vibrations in high doses.
Allowing my mind, body, and soul to meddle in its energies.
Never compromising, they dance in UNITY.
Ascending to a higher frequency,
As I mellow in a trance.
Astral projecting peace.
Peace Be Still.
In the depths of my solitude.

written by: A.J. Williams


Lust Spells

Her moans are serene.

She sings at the waterfall.

I’m lost in her song.

Songs so heavenly,

They leave a feeling of lust.

I must be in Hell.

Two devilish souls

Playing in a pit of lust.

Exchanging love sounds.

Moan for moan, perform.

Inhale air and exhale sound,

Breath for breath, repeat.

Chest to chest, we touch.

Pelvis to pelvis, we bump.

Admiring art.

The sun is coming.

I can feel the earth shaking.

Waterfall, she sings.

written by: A.J. Williams